Taken from our family trip to Dave's ancestral homeland in a mountainous village in the Guangdong province of China.

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We are a husband, wife, and mom/mother-in-law team. Dave and Joy provide the content and capture Dave's mom's delicious meatless meals, filled with aromatic flavors reminiscent of her days in Vietnam, as well as her Chinese heritage. These recipes are also a memoir of the foods we loved growing up and are tied to nostalgic family memories.

We have also included recipes from our flavor libraries as children born and raised in semi sunny / mostly cloudy San Francisco, a neighborhood seasoned with cultural fusion. As young adults, Los Angeles was our first time far from home, a land filled with colorful sunsets, explosions of flavorful foods, and a place our ramen obsession sprouted from. Brooklyn, was another place near and dear to us, a melting pot of culture, where we discovered exotic cuisines that we missed so much when we moved back to the Bay Area. Till this day we're still on the hunt for our beloved halal cart.

During our time away from home we missed familiar tastes from our childhood and we're happy to be back! It's been a wonderful journey filled with bursts of spices, delightful memories, and lots of scrumptious meals. The journey hasn't ended, it's just begun! 

Tag along with us on our flavorful expedition where we take our favorite dishes from home and our travels and put a vegetarian twist to it.

We may not be full time vegetarians, but we often crave meatless dishes, especially Mom Truong's, who is a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

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