How To Cut A Durian

How To Cut A Durian

Durian is definitely an acquired taste. Our aunts and uncles say it's three time's a charm when trying to get past the pungent smell and truly appreciate the deep flavor of durian. After much skepticism and literally three courageous tries, I definitely agree with them. You must ease into this fruit slowly to really appreciate it's custardy texture and sweet and savory taste. It's not called the "King of Fruits" for nothing. After cutting up and devouring this dangerously spiky thing, I really felt like we usurped the iron throne and won over King's Landing, Lannister style.

I had my first bite of this exotic treat while visiting Dave's aunt and uncle's house where they had a chocolate covered durian. Feeling adventurous that day, I decided to try it. I love anything chocolate, thinking to myself, how bad could it be. It was surprisingly delicious! It wasn't the smell I remembered as a kid walking into an asian market.

We suggest you start off with durian pastries you can find at your local asian market


  • Chefs knife
  • Pairing knife


  1. Pull red tie to release the net.
  2. Lightly cut into durian where there is an indentation in the middle of the fruit.
  3. Slide knife side to side across the fruit to pull durian skin apart.
  4. Follow step 3 on the other side.
  5. Remove block of durian from the skin and slice seed from the middle.